God - A Concept, A belief or A Reality...?

Do you Fear God or Do you Love God?
Do you Read & Talk about him or Do you Live with Him?

We all preach God is ONE and we are his children
but do we really experience that bond of
love and peace with him?

WHO    is    GOD ???


Raja Yoga meditation redefines the self as a soul and enables a direct connection and relationship with the Supreme Source of purest energy and highest consciousness.

Raja Yoga can be translated as ‘supreme union’ or as ‘highest connection’. Every soul has a right to experience this ultimate relationship.

Raja Yoga mediation gives you a clear spiritual understanding of yourself, helps you re-discover and use the positive qualities already latent within you, enables you to develop your strength of character and create new attitudes and responses to life.

Meditating on the Supreme Soul is a very effective way to develop values because God is the source of all values, virtues, qualities and powers. Suppose you spend half an hour thinking about the God’s love, what will happen to you? You will start to feel love from God flowing smoothly and naturally. Enjoy that feeling and drink it deeply into your being since very soon it will also become a part of your personality and you nature. You will also start to feel very loving towards others. It helps you to forget any dislike you might have felt for anyone because you start feeling that their faults are not important to think about. In comparison with this feeling of love, negative feelings depart from your mind, because they cannot stay when you are having a very positive inner experience. Hatred and dislike have no place in a heart which is full with love.

The most important journey one can take is the journey within.

This is a journey to the truth of who you really are. This is the place, just beyond every day consciousness, where spiritual empowerment begins. Spiritual power gives you the power to choose creative thinking rather than automated thinking, response rather than reaction, peace, love and harmony rather than stress, conflict and chaos.

Meditation enables you to embark on this inward journey.

The Three Worlds – Soul, Subtle, Physical

Where does the soul come from, and where will it ultimately return? To understand this, the Brahma Kumaris teach a model called the THREE WORDLS. The physical world is the one familiar to us all, set in space and time. This is where the unique potential that lies within each soul finds expression, like in a theater, we souls are actors, however, is not our home, any more than the theater is an actor’s home.

Our place of origin is timeless and dimensionless world, which lies beyond the material realm. It is like the projection room in a cinema. It holds the information relevant to the entire story of existence. In this ‘soul world’ beyond the physical universe, all of us reside as dimensionless points, in a state of pure potential (like seeds), timeless and incorporeal. This is our ultimate home.

Between the soul world and the physical world is an intermediate aspect of reality, a region of spiritual light, called the subtle region. We can compare this to the light that travels between projector and screen in a cinema. The information about the progress of the movie is present within this light, but it is only seen once captured on the screen, each soul has its own entire, unique part recorded within it, that uniqueness is never lost, even when we are in the home, away from the theater of life.

Our parts unfold in a glorious way when we first come on to the stage, because of the purity we bring with us from the home. Love, peace, and joy are intrinsic to the human soul and, at that time, we easily and naturally express those qualities in our relationships and through our actions, we are able to live selflessly, functioning harmoniously as in a beautiful choir, fully aware that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Over time that awareness diminishes. Original, true self-awareness (‘soul consciousness’) becomes weaker as the consciousness of the body, and attachment to the physical world we inhabit, grows stronger. Eventually, many forget their divine origin completely and identify only with the body and its roles and relationships. This ‘fall’ into ‘body consciousness’ brings suffering, a sense of loss, and a consequent growth in worry, fear, and selfishness. This is because everything at the material level is temporary.


The understanding shared by God of a repeating cycle of time enables us to comprehend how we lost our truth and why we are not to regain it. It offers us a story of a humanity that begins its journey through time in a state of perfection: a golden age, remembered in religious traditions as heaven on earth, where we live in harmony with one another and with the rest of the natural world. Violence and war are unthinkable, because we understand that we are spirit, connected by vibrations of love, and do not identify with the material forms that would otherwise seems to separate us. This paradise is the outward expression of the original blueprint of life, the original ‘script’ of the eternal drama of existence.

The play is in four acts of equal duration. After the golden age, a silver age follows, in which there are the beginnings of divided world, but still a strong spiritual awareness.

As matter continues to infiltrate our consciousness, there is radical change, like a crystal weakened by too many flaws, the oneness of mind that characterizes the first half of the cycle suddenly shatters. Physical upheaval, remembered in most ancient cultures as the time of a great flood, accompanies this mental event. From that time onwards, we are in a divided world.

Great prophets and teachers – like Abraham, Christ, Buddha, and Mohammed – uplift millions by reminding them of the deeper realities and of how to live in ways that honor our highest nature. They become the founder of religion – strong branches of thought within which different sections of humanity recover a sense of belonging and unity.

Overall, however, the los of spiritual awareness continues and, eventually, it reaches the point where divine intervention is needed. This happens through an injection of pure consciousness: God comes to remind all souls that they belong to Him/Her (the Supreme Parent Soul), and to enables souls to return to their original home, the soul world, so that the cycle may begins anew.

This is God’s main role, and why so many remember Him, consciously or unconsciously, as their ultimately Savior. He recreates both the spiritual awareness that will take us home, and the consciousness that restores heaven on earth.

This understanding of the cycle gives a feeling of eternity, while also accommodating the present, Many do understand that by living in the present moment, we align ourselves better with life’s flow than if we cling to past events or worry about the future. However, it may not be possible to stay constantly ‘in the now’, as we continue to engage in life in todays far from perfect world.

Knowledge of where we stand now in relation to the cycle of time helps with self-understanding, and with understanding others.

It enables us to accept ourselves as the flawed beings we are, while not losing sight of what we were originally, and what we are to become again.


The LADDER represents the descending and ascending stages of consciousness (of human souls) through time. Souls begin their journey in this world at the top of the ladder, as human beings with divine qualities, living life on earth in complete peace, happiness and harmony, when the soul first comes from the soul world, it has a character of gold. The actions taken were always elevated.

However, as the quality of the world begins to weaken, character weakens and innermost thoughts become less than charitable. We see the weakness and faults of others. we are disappointed and offended by others. We become critical.

For centuries, we stumble along acting out of our lover nature as if in a deep sleep. We never lose our innate values and qualities, but we lose our belief that they belonged to us. We lose our access to them as souls slowly descend the ladder, the innate goodness and purity of the original self is lost, along with happiness and an overall state of well-being.

At the bottom of the ladder, life becomes full of sorrow. Then souls begin to awaken to their story, enlightenment begins, and souls are then uplifted back to their original state.

Most of us, at this time having reached the ‘bottom of the ladder’, are attempting to ascend through the ‘external’ ladders of career, relationships, status, and power. Despite so much effort, most still feel less than satisfied, the solution, many of us may think, is to double our efforts or, conversely, we become distressed and depressed over the seeming lack of success in our efforts to climb life’s many ‘ladder.’ Perhaps we are climbing the wrong climbing those ladders, or do they lead to illusions of power?

Now is the time to CHANGE LADDERS.


A powerful way to thing about the process of renewal is to understand God as the Seed of the HUMAN WORLD TREE, and that the Seed activates at this time.

Just as the seed of a physical tree holds the knowledge of the trunk, the branches, and the leaves, God holds the mysterious knowledge about the trunk, the branches, and the leaves of the very diverse human world family tree. This is the time when the new tree is planted.

At the time when the trunk is growing, the human family is small and unified, and the atmosphere is infused with peace, purity, and happiness. It is as if everyone belongs to one large family. This place has historically been refereed to as ‘Paradise’ or ‘Eden’.

After a time, the tree begins to branch out and the atmosphere and the activity of the human world family changes. People begin to leave the land where they have been peacefully coexisting. They become traders and merchants and form armies, Special souls arrives to found new religions and, as they do, new branches appear on the human world tree. The founders of main branches are those names and stories are renowned throughout the world: Abraham, Buddha, Christ, and Mohammed. There are many others who may be less well known who also begin new branches of the tree.

As each of these special religious founders comes to Earth from the soul world, the many souls who belong to the new religious families follow these founders into the world.

They are fresh and pure, untouched by the darkness and illusion that have entered the world, and they bring new hope and wisdom.

And so the branches grow and the tree expands and diversifies until it is alive with a variety of languages, beliefs, cultures, and ways of understanding.