God - A Concept, A belief or A Reality...?

Do you Fear God or Do you Love God?
Do you Read & Talk about him or Do you Live with Him?

We all preach God is ONE and we are his children
but do we really experience that bond of
love and peace with him?

WHO    is    GOD ???

The True Knowledge of ‘GOD’ Illuminates ‘The Human Soul’

God is called the Supreme Soul, which means He is supreme among all souls. Like souls, God is a subtle point of light invisible to the naked eye, but unlike humans He is beyond the cycle of birth and death and the effect of actions in the form of experience of pleasure or pain. God is the Supreme Father, Mother, Teacher and Preceptor of all human souls.

God is a Ocean of knowledge, love, happiness, bliss, peace, purity, and power

Being incorporeal, God is represented by an oval-shaped stone or light in many religious traditions. Hindus worship an oval-shaped stone called Shivlingam or Jyotirlingam, meaning a symbol of Shiva or symbol of light. Muslims revere an oval-shaped black stone called Sang-e-Aswad (holy stone), which is placed in the Kaaba in the Grand Mosque in Mecca.

The founder of Christianity, Jesus Christ, said God is light. The sanctuary lamp that burns before the altar in many Christian and Jewish places of worship symbolizes God’s eternal presence. Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, also sang the praise of the One who is ‘all light’ and incorporeal, while Zoroastrians worship God in the form of fire.

God is a subtle point of light, and He does not pervade the physical universe. God the “Supreme soul” is in one location. His home is the incorporeal world, an infinite expanse of golden-red light beyond the sun, moon and stars. It is the original abode of all souls as well. By practice, we can travel to that abode by thought and experience its purity and stillness and the silent, luminous presence of our Father, which makes the soul feel truly at home. In this region of absolute stillness, silence and purity, God the “Supreme Soul” & we souls are able to remain perfectly stable, constant and unchanging.

Some people think that God dwells in the heart of human beings. In a figurative way He does, but through love. What we think to be God within us is really eternal and unforgettable impression of Him. His real home is the soul world / incorporeal world / Brahmlok.

God is the Supreme Father of all souls. He is called the Creator. His many names make His virtues apparent – He is the Ocean of Peace, Ocean of Knowledge, the Blissful One, and the Truth. He liberates humans from bondage to vices, and bestows salvation on them. He dispels our sorrows, showers us with mercy and, while doing all this, is absolutely detached.

Many are the religions and paths that souls take to reach God. But He does not exclusively belong to anyone. He belongs to everyone equally.

It is not possible for God to be omnipresent-that is, in every person and every animal and the elements of nature. We were originally divine beings {with qualities like God} and that divine likeness is still within each soul. If God were within us we would not, as individuals, have free will. If God were omnipresent it would mean that God hates and God kills, and that God searches for and worships himself, thereby saying that God is less than perfect and in ignorance.

There are no fixed rules of dialogue – just an understanding of yours & his true identity.

Here is a simple step process to follow. Soon you’ll arrive at the quiet still place with just a single stride – a single thought – and you won’t even need to take these steps:

Self Realization – His realization- Visualization – Connection

Start with Experiencing the self in this way and emerge an incredible feeling:

I the soul (not the body), who is a tiny, subtle point of pure, living energy, spark like– similar like God, I the soul that uses the body to express itself.

I the soul seated in the pilot seat, behind the eyes, in the center of the forehead – distinct from the brain.

As we shift our awareness away from such an ordinary identity, we wake up to the dignity of who we truly are. Our beauty lies within this eternal identity, Practice and touch this soul reality for some time & remembering deeply again – I am a soul, I have a body, God is also a Soul, but he is bodiless and he lives in the region of golden-red light above corporeal and subtle world.

Now shift your Realisation from your self being as soul, to him as a supreme soul similar as us, “A point of light” present in the self illuminated golden-red light above corporeal & subtle world & experience the connection.

Once you ‘link’, start experiencing a beam of energy coming from him & entering your being in the form of peace, love, happiness, purity, Power, knowledge & bliss.

Being in the ‘company’ of this Supreme Energy allows you to bathe in an ocean of these 7 virtues

Communicate with him with the language of soul which is thoughts and establish & experience the father son relation.

God is gender-neutral . So no pronoun fits exactly; ‘He’ and ‘She’ both apply. But, if you prefer to think of this soul in a motherly or fatherly way, by all means keep using those terms during meditations, as they may suit your thoughts. Your experience of the Divine is your own to explore.

If it is imagination the experience will not last long and its power will diminish quickly. You will not change in any way. A true and authentic communion with God is something that grows and matures with time. It gradually awakens the soul to what is true and a deep transformational experience of real love. This automatically gives the soul the power to realize the connection with God & overcome the negative traits and tendencies, which have been cultivated over a lifetime.

We – human beings are the logical animals who are blessed with the critical thinking and can do our own experiments. So, it is always better to do your own experiment, analyze the results and then believe in the conclusion. So, after you study this divine godly knowledge, you will be able to realize that all the knowledge is correct and God has incarnated on this earth to establish the Golden age and help in the resurrection of the mankind.

With this Godly knowledge, you will be able to get closer to the supreme soul and experience the eternal & infinite source of love, power & bliss.

Well, you have so far been having the knowledge based on the contemplation of human beings; now you must study and experiment this divine Knowledge and also act upon it for some time, and then judge for yourself where the truth lies…

We are a living entity separate from the body. Just as a man speaking on a telephone has an identity separate from that of the instrument – he being a living person who has the faculties of feeling, thinking, willing and making effort — the conscious entity in the body which uses the word “I” is different from the body, which has eyes, ears, limbs etc. as its components. I am not the eyes, ears or the mouth, but I see with my eyes, speak through my mouth, hear with my ears and am their master. I am a soul, eternal and immortal. The body is mortal; I act through it and experience the results of my actions.

The soul is the driver of the body, which serves as its vehicle. When the soul leaves the body, the body is declared dead.

The soul is a living or a sentient being. It is said to be sentient or living because it can think and reflect; it can experience pleasure and pain as also bliss and peace; it can bestir itself and make efforts and actions, whether good or bad. The soul has three faculties – mind, intellect and predispositions.

Body-consciousness – Root of All Evil

A person is body-conscious when he/she identifies himself or herself with the physical body, i.e. when thinking, feelings, actions, and behaviour are based on the awareness that one is a body. Body-consciousness is the root of all evils in the world because it gives rise to vices like lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego, under whose influence people perform wrong actions.

Soul-consciousness – Key to Bliss

When a person has the awareness that “I am a soul, and not this physical body”, then he/she is said to be soul-conscious. In other words, the person thinks, feels, acts and behaves with the awareness that he or she is a soul, the master of the body. In the state of soul-consciousness, the original qualities of the soul, such as love, peace, purity and truth, emerge naturally. Then it becomes possible to experience lasting peace and bliss.

To know about the form of the soul and the real home from where it has come from, one needs to have the understanding of the Three Worlds illustrated in the picture. The Human World is at the bottom of the illustration, it is a very small portion of ether. The Human world is also known as the ‘Gross World,’ the ‘Corporeal World’ or the ‘karma kshetra’ (the field of action).

The soul enters into this big Drama Stage wearing a terrestrial or gross body of flesh and bones; it acts here and plays a happy or sad part. The soul reaps as it sows; it gets as it acts. Births and death, pleasure and pain, good and bad actions thoughts and words and sound – all these are to be found in this world. Always, without break, a Movie-talkie World Drama is enacted here.

The soul is an infinitesimal point of conscient light. For the sake of having an image to fix our minds on we can say it’s star-like in appearance. The soul is subtle or non-dimensional in nature.

Beyond the sun & stars & the universe of this Human World, exists the subtle world of white light and beyond this subtle World exists another world, which is called by different names – The Supreme Abode, The Highest World. Here, there is neither any gross body nor any subtle one, neither thought nor word nor actions. Therefore, there is neither pain nor pleasure, neither birth nor death. It is called the World of Peace, the abode of Liberated, the World of the Released. There is subtle Light which pervades that world and is called ‘Brahm’. That Light is not conscient but is the sixth element of non-living Matter; it is above Satoguna, Rajoguna or Tamoguna – the three modes of Matter.

The Supreme Soul, i.e., the Supreme Father, who Himself is eternal and unborn and who knows all about the wheel of soul’s transmigration and the Three aspects of time, has revealed to us the great truth that beyond the sun and the stars, there in Brahmlok in the infinite divine light called Brahm. Souls abide in incorporeal form as detached from the bodies and above birth and death and pleasure and pain, without any thoughts and, in a state which is called the state of Redemption (Mukti). It is from there that souls come to the theatre that is the world, to play their respective parts and they put on bodies like actors put on their costumes. Just as a Meteor falls on the earth, so does the soul leave Muktidham and enter this world when it thinks of enjoying itself in this world. It takes a gross body inside the mother’s womb as its perch, when it takes physical birth and performs actions; it reaps the fruit thereof as time goes.

Having understood these esoteric points of Divine Knowledge, you should realise your real self and your Home above.

Surely, the soul transmigrates. We must have observed that while one soul is born in a cultural, civilized, educated and rich family, another soul is born to uncultured, uncivilized, uneducated and poor parents. Why is this so? Everything that happens has a cause; so, does this difference not prove that every soul has yet to reap the result of its actions that have not had their effect in the past, and that, on leaving that body, the soul has taken an another body according to its past actions? Some are born to rich, others as healthy, some as males and others as females, i.e one is born in a situation different from the other. Should not we conclude that this is due to there past actions?


The human body is a complex pattern of physical energies. Atomic particles bind together to form the organic structures and inorganic minerals which interact chemically to carry out the hormonal and nervous processes that run the body. What we see as old or young, ugly or beautiful, male or female are differing levels of physical energies. However marvellous a machine the body may be, it is the presence of the non-physical sentient energy, the soul, which makes it function.

All actions, whether good or bad, performed by the soul, during a particular period, through the medium of the body, leave their impressions on the soul itself. These impressions are called ‘Sanskaras’ (resolves). So the soul while leaving the body, carries with it all the impressions (Sanskaras) of the actions performed during that life on the basis of which it gets the new body, i.e., unhappy, miserable life-full of troubles, sufferings or turmoil-depends wholly on the basis of our past actions. After death, the body is destroyed but it is the soul, which is indestructible and, so, it carries with it the impressions of our actions (resolves). Thus, the soul comes in the cycle of birth and death, i.e. it takes one body and leaves it, again takes another body and so on.

Meditation is about choosing and guiding your thoughts.

Meditation is exploring the power of thought.

Meditation is consciously flooding the mind with thoughts about eternal truths.

Meditation is the art of deeply reflecting on the true self.

Meditation is the process of guiding your thoughts to create a spiritual experience.Meditation means to concentrate on spiritual thoughts.

By concentrating on spiritual thoughts, higher feelings naturally emerge. This awakens our highest potential and character.Meditation is easy and fun… if you know how to do it.
Meditation can be very empowering and enriching if you practice regularly and take your spiritual journey seriously.
Everyone can learn it.

As per God’s revelations, The act of destruction is a blessing in disguise; it is an act of doing good to mankind or conferring liberation on the souls. The souls that desire salvation attain it through this act of world-destruction after their karmic account settlement..

The destruction of the old Iron-Aged vicious world through the agency of Natural Calamities, world war and internecine strife is essential; for, otherwise, complete peace and happiness cannot be brought back to the world. The day breaks when the night ends. Likewise, when all the symptoms of the Iron Age vanish, then only there is room for Golden Age to enter.

we see that the situations of several places are worsening every day, natural calamities are increasing everywhere and war like conditions already prevails in several countries.

This old Iron aged world is going to be destroyed shortly in near future.

God descends into this world when it is enveloped in the darkness of ignorance and unrighteousness. This is a period when humans are groping around for want of clear understanding of their true identity and the purpose of life, and are acting under the influence of vices. The Sun of Knowledge appears at the darkest hour in human history, to dispel the darkness and herald the dawn of a new age of truth, peace and happiness. He reveals to humans eternal truths about the self, God and the vast drama taking place on this stage we call Earth.

Empowered by this knowledge, and their connection with Him, souls free themselves from the influence of vices such as lust, anger, greed and ego and work to achieve their highest potential. Such effort by a critical mass of humanity eventually brings about positive change in the whole human family, and the night comes to an end and a new day dawns.

And that time, IS THIS TIME!