God - A Concept, A belief or A Reality...?

Do you Fear God or Do you Love God?
Do you Read & Talk about him or Do you Live with Him?

We all preach God is ONE and we are his children
but do we really experience that bond of
love and peace with him?

WHO    is    GOD ???



God Has Already Arrived on this Earth

We want to inform the good news that Supreme soul the Godfather has incarnated in this world. You may not easily accept this fact, but it is absolutely true that the Supreme Soul has incarnated on earth in order to purify this impure world once again. The Almighty Supreme Soul has incarnated in Mount Abu located in Rajasthan state of Bharat (India) and is performing his Secret Act of re-creating Golden Age through the medium of Prajapita Brahma Baba. The Supreme Soul whom we know by different names such as God, Ishwar, Allah, Bhagwan… is incorporeal spiritual light. He is the Supreme Father of all human souls. He is Ocean of Bliss, Knowledge, Peace, Love, Joy, Purity, Power. He is free from the cycle of birth and death. This auspicious message is being broadcast to all people of the world as per the Supreme direction of the Supreme soul. The Godfather.