God - A Concept, A belief or A Reality...?

Do you Fear God or Do you Love God?
Do you Read & Talk about him or Do you Live with Him?

We all preach God is ONE and we are his children
but do we really experience that bond of
love and peace with him?

WHO    is    GOD ???

perceive-positivelyMIND – The Cause of Disease

Deep down, we all know that there is a link between what we think and our health. So, our body is deeply interconnected with our thoughts, emotions and our spiritual self. Illness is often caused when our body experiences the effect of unfulfilled expectations or desires. In life, we often go through unpleasant or traumatic experience. The resultant feelings of anger, hatred, guilt, hopelessness or resentment manifest themselves in the form of one or other physical disorder. This is where spiritual knowledge is important because it helps to be at peace with ourselves. It helps us to identify the different damaging thoughts and feelings and the situations and the people that trigger them. Identifying these feelings to be the cause of our emotional and physical unrest, we can try to remove them. When we understand that the deep underlying cause may be our anger or jealousy, then we can change our response and express positive feelings like love, compassion, forgiveness and empathy. Thus, we are able to take charge over our own mind rather than lament on our physical conditions.

Spirituality provides a sense of who we are, what is the meaning or purpose of our life and why things happen the way they do. It, most importantly, helps to accept the things that cannot be readily explained or understood, such as illness and gives answers to certain intricate questions like – why am I here? What is the purpose of my life? And the most important question of all, Who am I? Once we have the understanding of who we are, it brings inner peace and tranquility. Have the affirmation – I am peace, the child of Ocean of Peace. I am safe, I am loved by my Father”. This Spiritual awareness helps of find meaning, hope and optimism even in the midst of negativity and not only helps in healing but also promote, healthy behavior and creates a sense of relaxation.

perceive-positivelyHOW TO FORGIVE AND FORGET

Milieus pass, they cease to exist but continue to be alive in our minds. We keep recounting the stories and sorrows of the past. We keep thinking as to how people were rude or insulting towards us or how the situations were unkind. This constant repetition of past memories and experiences makes the painful effect to linger much longer even though we wish to be free from its burdens.

The more we think of past hurts, the more it generates feelings of anger, animosity or even feelings of subtle revenge. Sometimes, people spend years nurturing feelings of bitterness and resentment for a particular person who has hurt them. The only thing, it does is that it keeps the wound fresh and makes us heavy, in turn also effecting other relationships. We need to make a choice to either suffer or, move forward with what is good and look towards a better future. We need to understand that we are all actors in this Drama of life and each one is playing his role according to his capacity. The best that we can do is accept the Drama and the other actor’s part. It means we are able to see the other actors in different perspective and, we are able to forgive their mistake. This helps us to develop the capacity to accept, forget, forgive and learn.

Also, it is difficult to forget the mistakes of others because most of the times, we are busy correcting them even if it is in our minds only and that makes it difficult to forgive and forget. When we try to correct others, we try to control them even if subtly and, in those moments we forget to accept and forgive them. But when we forgive, then we empower others with powerful vibrations and, the correction is automatically there.


Life is a journey and we all are like the passengers of a train, some of us boarding off the train earlier while others travelling on for a farther station. Now, imagine how odd it would look if a passenger in a train develops bonds of attachment with a co-traveller and laments when the latter deboards at the end of his scheduled journey! It would really be an act of ignorance on his part. Similarly, we human souls come from our Original Home, Paramdham and develop bonds of attachment with other fellow souls. Is not someone’s leaving the train of his/her body similar to breaking journey at some wayside station? It is famously said that neither a traveller nor a bird can be anyone’s permanent friend or companion. The soul is akin to a bird caged in the body or similar to a traveller who stays for a while in an inn (i.e body) before moving on to the next. So, when we do not accept the death of someone, it is like we are wishing to wipe out the inexorable law of the transitoriness of the world and the law of decay of body. Life hangs by a thread, which can broken any moment, by the jerk of death. Hence, we should learn to remain stabilized in the true knowledge of this world and its transitory nature. We must accept that change is part of nature. Everything that grown must decay and cease to exist. Life is like a river, always flowing. It does not stop. There is always a way forward. Like the river, no matter what situations come our way, we need to keep flowing not just for our sake but for our loved ones. Facing the death of a child may be the hardest thing that a parent has to do. Parents find it hard to let go the memories of their children whom they have reared and brought up with loving care. Grief leaves them helpless, discouraged, miserable, depressed and at times bitter. But one has to have wisdom that we all are the actors in the vast unlimited Drama. Just as an actor changes his costume, we also shake off this old worn-out body and take on another body to perform a different role at another place in another environment. No association or relationship is even meant to be ever lasting. As actors, we keep on playing different roles in different costumes at different point of time. We must understand that we are eternal beings in mortal bodies. The physical body will get worn out and may die but the soul, the energy that caused the body to think, feel and love lives on forever. Our loved one is eternal soul who continues to live on, just playing a different part somewhere else. What we can contribute is the feelings of love, peace and joy to the departed soul so that it continues its new journey beautifully.

perceive-positivelyOur First though of the Day

As soon as the sleep is over and the eyes open, the first thought that should enter the mind of a devout spiritualist should be, “I am a soul”. This does not take a long time but its influence is there all the daylong. One has not to leave the bed, the moment one is awake and has not to engage his mind with some worldly thought or work immediately, but, sitting up at ease, once should spend a few minutes in this contemplation; “I am a soul, a conscient dot of light. I am a child of God, the Supreme Soul, who is the Ocean of Knowledge, Peace, Bliss and Love, who does good to all and grants them peace and happiness. Like Him, I should also be instrumental in doing spiritual good and bringing transcendental happiness to others. I came into this world from a higher world, called Brahmlok which is my original Abode and where purity and peace supremely prevail. After my advent into this world, my life was pure and divine and was replete with complete happiness and peace in the first two eras. That is to say, my life in Golden Age (Satyuga) was worth gold and, in Silver Age (TretaYuga) it was worth silver.

I had then diety-status and self-rule and was untouched by any sorrow. In Copper Age and Iron-Age I was a devout worshipper and did have happiness in some measure or of some sort. Now in this present Age, the Sangam Yuga (Period of Confluence), I, having been inducted into Godly Knowledge, have had an extraordinary birth. I have now understood this thoroughly well that I am a soul, i.e. a point of light, this body is just an inn for me, I am a child of Almighty God Father Shiva and I am now soon to return to my original Abode – the Soul World. I am fortunate that I have established my link with Him, the Supreme.

It is wonderful indeed to have relationship with Him. Verily, and most fortunately, He is my Father, He is my Teacher and he is my Preceptor, all in one and, happy for me, He is leading me out of this terrestrial world to the World of perfect silence, i.e. the Soul World and, from there, to the World of Beatitude and Fruition or what is called heaven. What a luck that I m now a spiritually adopted child of Prajapita Braham, i.e. I am a true Brahman, by virtue of the invaluable Knowledge I have heard as spoken by God Shiva, the knowledgeful through the mouth-organ of Braham and am now on the way to rendering my life excellently pure, brilliant and valuable like a jewel by dint of this knowledge & Raj Yoga. Meditation’

alt="perceive-positively"Observance of Chastity or Continence

The first and foremost of these divine principles in Brahmacharya, i.e. celibacy, purity or chastity. Without Brahmcharya one can neither have any fixity and constancy in Yoga with God nor can one pacify anger and end other vices. It is continence that purifies one’s mind, sharperns one’s sense of right understanding and brings to man that spiritual strength which helps him to conquer vices and to endure and face the difficulties that crop up in the way of his communion with God. Hence, knowing the sex-lust as our arch enemy and regarding complete celibacy or chastity as our prime helper we have to drive away all concupiscence and feeling of sex-indulgence from our thoughts, speech and acts.

We should understand it clearly and without and iota of doubt that it is the enemy called ‘sex-lust that brings about the downfall of a man from the peak of purity or from the status of a heavenly deity to the state of an orphan and shortens one’s life besides making him cowardly, weak and lazy. So, for our own good, now God, our soul-Father addresses us thus, “O My Dear Ones” ! life after life you have been following your bodily parents in the sphere of vices and because of these very vices you lost the sovereignty of the ever-happy deity-world i.e. world of Satyuga and Treta yuga and are miserable in your present life also. Now I ask you to get from me, your Super-mundane Father, the inheritance of Purity or Brahmcharya.

Life after life, you have been entreating Me thus, “O Supreme Soul, you are the liberator of the fallen, release us from these vices.” But, strangely enough, while I have arrived from Paramdham, My Abode on High, to endeavor to abandon them; I ask you to give up that which is bad and harmful but you sit supine, holding on to it ! Do you think you can cross this ocean while riding on the back of a crocodile?”

alt="perceive-positively"Surrendering to God

The Most effective means of eradicating vices and demoniac tendencies is to be dedicated or surrendered whole-heartedly to Him who is the Supreme Soul. Without any hesitation, i.e. without thinking too much of what I am at present, I should consider that, from this moment, nothing is mine, but what ‘I’ and ‘mine’ stood for once have now been all surrendered to Him. I have now firmly to feel that body, mind and everything is His and now I have to use these as He directs.
Who-so-ever now wishes to make his life worth a diamond, i.e. an example of excellence, must surrender his present worth-a-farthing life to God and consider that hence onwards, whatsoever he has, he would hold it only in trust an would put these to use as his duty demands and for Godly Service only and, as such, he would act in a chaste and a vice-less manner.

Thus can a man get rid of his attachment to his body, habits and wealth and can shed all delusion that the factum of relations and friends ordinarily brings in. Otherwise, his mind will ever return to these worldly and fleeting things and will not have stability in God’s remembrance.

It should be borne in mind that, in order to obtain release from attachment, one need not renounce one’s home, relations and wealth and go to a jungle but the best way to be rid of them is to surrender completely to God and to consider one-self only as an instrument in His hands and to give up thinking them as our own. Thus will vice and bitterness in our habits get wiped off, making room for purity and sweetness of nature.


He need have no fears who have found refuge or asylum in the Supreme Father and has surrendered all that he is or has unto Him. He needs no fears who wish others well and is occupied in Godly service. Fears assail him only who thinks of himself as a body and who is deeply attached to worldly objects and does not think of himself as soul. Otherwise, he who realize upon the Omnipotent Supreme Soul, goes about the whole world fearlessly and with a stable mind. He keeps ruminating in his mind this lovely point of Knowledge that what is to happen will happen and will happen as a result of his own past actions and desert and, therefore, he should not be afraid of whatever comes in his way but should do his duty properly and should leave the rest to the help of God, the Almighty Father. Thus he does not worry about the result but acts as a trustee and looks on events and things as a detached observer.

perceive-positivelyRightful Food – Sattvic Diet

What we eat has a great effect on the mind. That food is not rightful which arouses passions, darkens one’s judgment or produces indolence and inertia. Such a food is called Rajasic or Tamsic. The food which is not rightful (Sattvic) but Rajasic or Tamsic make’s a man’s mind unsteady and rest-less, his eyes criminal, his thoughts polluted, his outlook impious and tendencies unrighteous or it induces sloth and sleep in him.

Even a trifle would arouse passionate fury in the man who takes such a food and he won’t be able to clearly differentiate between what is proper and what is improper and what is moral as distinct from immoral. He, whose food is not rightful and wholesome (Sattvic) cannot overcome vices not can he acquire constancy in Yoga.
Therefore if we desire to have the bliss that Godly remembrance brings and if we are keen to conquer the vices and control the sense organs and become Yogis then we must care to have a rightful diet. It means that our food should be such as has been bought with money earned by hones means and should consist of those things, which are offered to deities in the temples.
At the same time we have ensure that our food is not cooked by a person who is lustful, hot-tempered or irascible, for the state of mind of the person who cooks also affects the food even as food effects the person who eats it. Food gets vitiated if one who prepares it, is vicious and such a food, because of its potentiality for bad, is rendered unfit for one who practices yoga. We should therefore; take food prepared by a person who observes Brahmacharya and practices the remembrance of God, such food would be of help to us in our spiritual endeavors. Also, we should be in loveful communion with God when we are at our meals. Thereby, our food shall get consecrated and purified and we shall not get engrossed in the savour or flavor or what we eat.

perceive-positivelyThe Call of ‘GOD’

The Incorporeal God Almighty says, “Dear Ones, you have been obtaining your perishable inheritance of wealth, for one birth, from your worldly parents. But I am your Immortal Father who can bestow on you the supreme sanctity, peace and prosperity for numerous lives. You have been obtaining worldly knowledge from your teacher that enabled you to pass one life comfortably.

You have been obtaining peace from your preceptor for only one birth. But I am the Supreme Teacher who will bless you with Supreme Prosperity for generations on end. I am the World Preceptor who am sought by all scriptures. I can bestow upon you Supreme Knowledge, Peace, Bliss, Might and Purity for multiple lives. Remember, I am the Sole Liberator of all.
“If you aspire these, aspire Me. If you aspire Me, become Mine, If you constantly remember Me, I will become thine. I am establishing Golden-aged Deity World. I want you to become a deity by means of RajYoga. I want you to attune to Me by remaining Soul-conscious so that My Divine consciousness can descend down into you for the consecration of your entire inner and outer Self.

You keep in constant remembrance of Me. This is the Yoga or the righteous path. I promise you that if, congnizing Me, repose Faith in Me and, for asking the wrong advice of all perverted beings, surrender to Me, I will absolve you of all sins, and, soon you shall attain to Me ! Arise, help yourself on this way and I will also help you !

God has declared ‘State of Emergency’ Be holy now!!

Shiva, the Supreme Soul, who grants us well being, says, “Dear children, the present is a great emergency. The destruction of the preset Kali-Yugi (Iron-Aged) world is near at hand and very little is now left of this last life. I now ordain that all of you should be pure and chaste i.e. should observe Brahmcharya and should not allow this arch enemy, the sex-lust, to enter into your thoughts because I have to re-establish here the Satyugi divine Kingdom. Bharat, which has now become a place of moral corruption, has to be transmuted into a citadel of Purity, fit for the deities to live in. The collapse of the present immoral world is imminent and even that will no doubt force the end of vices, but if you, of your own free will and for the sake of having Yoga with Me, observe Brahmacharya, then in the coming diving self-rule, you will be entitled to deity sovereignty for two long Ages, Dear children, will you not, therefore, give up this vice for even this short period that is left? Won’t you, for My sake, sacrifice just this. Do you not love Me enough to abandon this old habit?”

God Father Shiva says, “ My beloved children, the kind of conjugal and house-hold life you lead and manage now does not deserve the appellation “Grahastha Ashrama” (holy home-life) because ‘Ashrama’ means a ‘holy place’ or part of holy life where as in this KaliYugi world the dagger of sex-lust is taking place and corruption of all sorts is rampant and mortal rot is increasingly defiling the atmosphere. You should, therefore, be pure as your those ancestors were. Being God’s children, your actions should not be ungodly or demoniac. Now you should not take poison in the form of sex-indulgence nor serve it to others. Have, instead, the nectar, that is Gyan Amrit (the Nectar of Godly Knowledge)”

Taking these words of God as an essential command of great and good Father Shiva, one should follow these whole-heartedly, for in this lies the well being of an aspirant of Yoga. So, we should now firmly resolve that, whatever may happen, even If we are cruelly treated and oppressed we would follow His directives and observe chastity and become eligible for entry into Heaven. It may storm my being many times in the beginning, but I shall hold on to my vow and do my duty, i.e. I would never abandon chastity and purity, because this is an enviable thing or the most valuable treasure come to me as a gift from God. I will never break this vow of Brahmcharya for I would not thus ruin my future and would not downgrade myself. Before my very eyes I see the foundations of Satyuga (Golden Age) being laid and its gates being erected and the Satyugi trees are within my view; so, now that very little time is left, should I turn away from high endeavor and degrade myself? The great God has assisted me with His Knowledge and the covenant has been sealed with Him. He is going to invest me with the diadem and insignia of deity-swaraja, why should then I make my record dirty and blemished and wear a black mark of sex-lust, as it were, on the fore-Abode, which is the real Amarnath-Dham, why should I violate the rule of chastity, which is a ‘must’ for my religious pilgrimage? The Supreme Father Shiva or Rudra has now Himself taken incarnation in this world and has started the holy Rudra Gyan Yagya i.e. He has lit the holy fire of knowledge for the people to make oblations or sacrifices of their vices into it. I would not incur sin by violating the purity of Bharat, which has now become the place of this sacrifice or Yagya; I should not commit any sexual indulgence for it would amount to an act of desecrating this place where the sacrifice is to be performed. I will now observe Brahmcharya in though, world and deed and to the higher degree and will thus attain the immortality like deities and take into possession the key to ever-lasting peace.

perceive-positivelyEarly Rising

Truly Speaking, It is very good to wake up at 3 a.m. At that time there is silence in the atmosphere, the mind is also free from worries of day-long occupations and is fresh and calm after a night sleep. It helps to engage the mind in the sweet remembrance of God and to have fixity in that blissful state at that hour so that one feels to have enjoyed enormously. Though one may have to forego about an hour’s sleep thereby, the benefits one derives from this little sacrifice are considerably great and valuable. But, if for any reason, one cannot daily get up this hour, one ought to be a 4 a.m. for, if one is serious about getting near to GOD & feel that bliss so high and attainment by doing RajYoda meditation, one would have to find out some time for the necessary efforts and would have thus to get up betimes. We can say with emphasis that, after a few day’s sustained efforts, it would be possible and easy for a man to get up at the fixed time.

How to make life blissful and worth diamonds?

It is a matter of common observation that, while the world is progressing so fast in the domain of science that man has been able to land on the moon, his character and his ways of life are going lower and lower every day. His daily doings, his practical life and the condition of the world in general to-day, are different from what these were in satyuga (Golden-Age) and Treta Yuga (Silver Age), or even uptil a short while ago, in the present Age-the Kaliyuga. The very atmosphere has undergone a change so much so that, at present, nowhere in the world is left any substance of happiness or any essence of peace. In short, we may say that man’s life has now become worth a cowrie or ‘worth a penny’ as they say. It has become very object and worth a straw because he possesses neither any divine qualities nor real peace nor happiness. To a large majority of people, the present state of affairs causes disappointment. They begin to consider why, even after all the strenuous efforts made by all sages, saints, religious preachers and heads of various religions, extending over a period of about 2500 years, i.e. two eras, the world has been undergoing an unceasing process of deterioration and we see no signs of its redemption or reform even today. Others anxiously and pensively ask, “What is going to happen to man and this world? How can reformation come? Is there any possibility of a change for the better? Still there are others who ask, “If there is GOD, why does He not set the world right? If, as the people say, He incarnates, why does He not come at the present critical phase to teach men the lesson of good conduct and thus re-establish peace and prosperity here by putting an end to the woes of the world?” With reference to the above, we must say plainly that, however greatly or highly placed a man may be, he does not have the knowledge and the power to restore complete purity, peace and prosperity to the world. Therefore, the sages, saints, savants, religious preachers, heads of various religions or men occupying high seats of political, administrative or any other kind of authority could not fulfill this hope and ambition of mankind. This task can be accomplished by God alone. He is the Ocean of knowledge, and repository of immense peace and bliss; He is Almighty and the Uplifter of fallen and the Purifier of the sinful souls; He is the Supreme Father and the Supreme Soul and, being the giver of all good, is called ‘Shiva’ or Jehovah. When God does this work, kaliyuga, i.e. the Age of unrighteousness and sufferings comes to an end and Satyuga, the epoch of complete righteousness and happiness, is ushered in. Mankind is lifted from out of waste into a world of excellence. Man’s life gets transformed from that worth a cowrie to that worth a diamond. Thereafter, not a trace of sorrow or suffering is there in Satyuga and Tretayuga – the first two epochs, ushered in the God. And in the course of one cycle of time it is only once, i.e. at the end of Kaliyuga when moral degradation has reached its extreme and religion has completely degenerated, then God Shiva, the Supreme Father, comes. We have therefore, pleasure in giving you the auspicious and happy news that He, the Almighty Father, has been at this work now for some time and, in the near future, man’s desire of peace and prosperity is going to be fulfilled, you may be surprised to have this news, but if you pause and consider, you will find that the present-day problems and world-conditions prove by their very peculiar nature that this is the time when His advent or incarnation should take place to transform or reform the world. As you are well aware, Atomic weapons and Hydrogen Bongs are being manufactured only to cause Destruction. Degradation and sin are so much on the increase that serious situation.

perceive-positivelyHOW/WHY TO CONQUER SEX-LUST?

SEX-LUST is the worst enemy of a yogi, it is this vice that degrades man, from the heights of soul – consciousness down to abysmal depths of body – consciousness. It robs him of the treasures of divine bliss and real happiness which we have experienced in Golden age and now forgotten, and thus deprives human of deity-sovereignty.
It is a patent truth, never to be forgotten, that he who is on the way to getting near God, becomes deeply debased if he indulges in sexual gratification. He would need huge effort and a very long time to come back to his former state of yoga,
i.e, spiritual union with God, that is why it is necessary to purify our outlook and habits before we think of meeting God or communion with him.
He, who practices spiritual communion, should acquire the knowledge of the real soul power’s & entire soul journey from golden age to iron age, so that his eyes don’t deceive him and the colour and lineaments of anyone’s body do not attract him.
The Raja-Yoga Meditation – the only way, Taught by God Himself, which has immense power and countless potentialities. By means of it, one cannot only win full victory over all Vices, the Great Temptress, or over the Evil and Satanic forces, but can win the world-sovereignty without firing even a single shot and killing even a single being.

perceive-positivelyWhat is God’s Mission?

God has come to liberate all souls from sufferings and to transform the old degraded Iron Aged world to new pure Golden Aged world again, and to transform vicious human beings to virtuous deities.
Supreme Soul, the Godfather has come to purify all souls of this world and take them back to sweet silence home called Brahmalok/Soulworld.
The Supreme Soul is the Ocean of Knowledge,teaching all souls the easy Rajyoga.
Rajyoga is a spiritual meditation by which souls are absolved of their sins and become absolutely pure again. By the practise of Rajyoga, human souls become divine souls once again.

perceive-positivelyKarma Philosophy

Karmic account is… that no one can escape the result of their actions. Depending on the kind of actions we perform, we suffer or enjoy the results, either in this life or later. The law of karma is inviolable, so everyone must act responsibly, keeping in mind that ignorance of the law will not save anyone.

Action performed in body consciousness, under the slightest influence of vices such as hatred, anger, greed, ego, lust jealousy etc., ultimately being sorrow and suffering.

If a person is soul consciousness and had a balanced judgement, a peaceful mind and a clear heart, he would act with love, compassion and humility this would benefit him as well as others.

perceive-positivelyIt is Now or Never

Time is moving very fast towards total destruction of the old degraded Iron Aged world and re-establishment of new golden Aged World. Any of your breath can be the last one. If you waste this precious time, you won’t get an opportunity even to repent. Hence you should certainly visit the nearest Brahma Kumaris Center, understand the true spiritual Knowledge revealed by God, identify the Supreme Soul, and to experience all relationship with Him. Remember, it is Now or Never. God has arrived in this world, and time is transforming very fast.

perceive-positivelySelf Awareness

Most of the time, there’s so much going on in our lives, that we’re just not fully aware of how we behave and how we affect other people. But with a little bit of extra attention, we can become more self-aware.

Self-awareness is simply being fully aware of our perceptions, attitudes, moods and behaviour. Don’t judge what you see and don’t run away from it. Just watch, observe and accept.

This helps us to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves; where we need to grow and how we need to improve our connection with others.

perceive-positivelyPerceive Positively

True self-awareness, plus the ability to choose our perceptions of life, the universe and everything, is the basis of free will. Every situation and scene in front of us has so many possibilities in terms of how we perceive and interpret. If someone is 10% selfish and 90% generous what should we focus on, what should we perceive first within them? Most of us are now well trained to perceive and focus on the negative, the selfishness in others, and to follow it quickly with accusation and judgement. We forget that what we perceive is what we empower within another and, more importantly what we perceive is what we empower within ourselves in that moment. And what we choose to see is usually what we get. So how important is it that we choose to perceive only the best, the highest, the greatest in another, even if it’s only a half a percent? Bosses and parents – take note!! Don’t forget – your perception is your reality. Your perception is what you project. And what you project is what comes back!


Look For Goodness

In everything, goodness is there; our goal is to find it.
In every person, the best is there; our job is to recognize it.
In every situation, the positive is there; our opportunity is to see it.
In every problem, the solution is there; our responsibility is to provide it.
In every setback, the success is there; our adventure is to discover it.
In every crisis, the reason is there; our challenge is to understand it.
By seeing the goodness, we’ll be very enthusiastic and our lives will be richer.